Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PODCAST #19: 21/7/08

Show #712

PANEL: Graeme Dickenson, Gary Lally, Greg Armstrong, Greg Swan


Hold Me Tight
Anna (Go To Him)
I'm Down
Dr. Robert (Fan Remix)
I Saw Her Standing There/Let It Be (Shea Last Concert) - Paul McCartney & Billy Joel
Shea '65 Fan Reactions
Honey Don't (Essential Beatles)
Maybe I'm Amazed (5:1 extraction, vocal & lead guitar)
Can You Hear It - The Pictures
Sail On Sailor - Sean Lennon & Mark Ronson
Fool On The Hill - Chard Hayward
And Your Bird Can Sing (Fan Remix)
You Won't See Me (Live) - Paul McCartney
I'm A Loser (mash-up) - The Beatles & Boston Pops
London Town

Very special guest appearance (and first time on a podcast) from Greg Swan tonight, who brings in some great music for us all to hear, and in the process covers segments such as Maybe We're Amazed, Shocker From The Locker, and an incredible Beatle mash-up in Fab Forgeries. Lots of interesting chat tonight too. And in the interests of blowing one's own trumpet (so to speak), I've left in a track by your friendly webmaster's rock group, which Sherbs kindly aired this evening.


Alfred said...

Good one Davey,
Nice to see you left the Pictures track in!

Tammy said...

Phew!!, i'm so glad i had my highlights touched up before i went on the show, i didnt realise you were going to use the photo of me in the studio, Swanny.