Friday, August 1, 2008

PODCAST #17: 7/7/08

Show #710

PANEL: Gav Myers, Gary Lally, Greg Armstrong


Octopus' Garden (Take 32 Rough Mix, Alternate Abbey Road)
I Wanna Be Your Man (Soundstage) - Ringo Starr
Don't Pass Me By (Unsurpassed Masters)
Ringo's Peace And Love Web Message
BBC Radio 4 Documentary The Lost Beatles Interview, hosted by Helen Shapiro
Silly Love Songs (Give My Regards To Broad Street) - Paul McCartney
In My Life - Laurence Juber
Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Anthology 3)
Money (All My Loving EP)
Never Without You - Ringo Starr

A Ringo birthday special, with the added bonus of the BBC Lost Beatles Interview radio special, presented complete here in 3 parts. Segments include In My Life and Beatles Guest Guitarists.

As an added bonus, here's Helen Shapiro (and friends) with Look Who It Is from Ready Steady Go on October 7, 1963. The original audio track was in terrible quality, so I've tried my best to sync up the EMI recording to this 'ere clip

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Alfred said...

Nice piece of work Davey!
Gee, George is very quick with the punch when she pushes away his hand isn't he? I guess he hadn't chilled out with meditation yet.