Monday, September 13, 2021

Archives: 2000

Another In The Series Of 'The LIBB In Lockdown Archive Shows'

Show 383
Panel: Graeme Dickenson, Steve Kernohan, Gary Lally, Greg Armstrong


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John T Walsh said...

Interesting show from the archives as it starts with a number of songs from Beatles earliest recorded shows in Hamburg and closes with their final public performance on the roof at 3 Savile Row. Sandwiched in between are five songs from RUBBER SOUL which hadn't been played that often on the show up until then (including what appears to be an OOPS'd version of "What Goes On"). The rooftop performance sparked a good conversation regarding its appearance in the LET IT BE film and how people complained at the time that there was too much music in the film and not enough discussion (the irony being that today people are concerned that Peter Jackson's upcoming 6-hour project will have too much conversation!). A solid listen all-round. Thanks for posting!