Monday, July 19, 2021

Archives: 1994

Another In The Series Of 'The LIBB In Lockdown Archive Shows'
Show 86
Lethal Lyrics Final
Panel: Graeme Dickenson, Ross McLean, Dave McHardy, Simon Smith, Andrew Probyn, Mark Hayes, Serge Calvaresi, Alfred Daniel, Vicki Kasaya, Gabriel, Tosh, Julian


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John T Walsh said...

Take some sequential brackets of Artifacts (I think that's where the material came from), throw in a Lethal Lyrics tournament and an interesting dated (both then and now) legal history of John vs Cyn and you get the makings of a fine archival show from 1994. Lots of people were in the studio for this one (and not enough mics to go around apparently!) but still clearly audible just the same. Interesting reference to Graeme's Murder Calendar (I could be wrong about the name there) but the mention of the Atlanta Child Murders and John Wayne Gacy brought back some memories: the television network I work for did a movie about the Atlanta Child Murders and also did a filmed version of Brian Dennehy in DEATH OF A SALESMAN (Dennehy having played John Wayne Gacy in a made-for-television mini-series a few years prior). Thanks for the post and looking forward to this week's since I think you're still in lockdown. Stay healthy all!