Monday, May 4, 2009

PODCAST #53: 16/3/09

Show #736

PANEL: Graeme Dickenson, Gary Lally, Greg Armstrong


Can't Buy Me Love
You Can't Do That
Rockshow - Ash Naylor of Even (RockWiz at the Bowl)
Maybe I'm Amazed - Nic Cester of Jet (RockWiz at the Bowl)
Come And Get It - Paul McCartney & Badfinger (Revolution Take...Your Knickers Off)
Step Inside Love - Paul McCartney & Cilla Black (Revolution Take...Your Knickers Off)
Not A Second Time (Stereo, Meet The Beatles)
Give Ireland Back to The Irish (Version) - Wings
Beware Of Darkness - George Harrison
Can You Take Me Back?
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Hollywood Bowl, August 23 '64)
I Call Your Name - The Meteors (From Me To Yugoslavia)
Norwegian Wood - Jason Falkner (Bedtime With The Beatles)
Ballad Of John And Yoko (solo mix) (Purple Chick Abbey Road Deluxe)
Something (Demo, Anthology 3)
She's Leaving Home (Strings only, Purple Chick Sgt. Pepper Deluxe)
How Do You Do It (Another Sessions Plus)
Pisces Fish - George Harrison

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