Monday, May 4, 2009

PODCAST #52: 9/3/09

Show # 736

PANEL: Gav "Kev" Myers, Gary Lally, Greg Armstrong, David White


Maybe I'm Amazed (Live in Melbourne November '75) - Wings
Venus And Mars (Demo) - Wings (Venus And Mars Sessions)
All My Loving (Live Melbourne MCG 9/3/93) - Paul McCartney
Let Me Roll It (Live Melbourne MCG 9/3/93) - Paul McCartney
My Love - Gerry Marsden
Pipes Of Peace (excerpt) - Gerry Marsden
Leave My Kitten Alone
Getting Better
Fireman Radio with McCartney & James Taylor
Going To Carolina - James Taylor
Interview with Mike Love (Pet Sounds Podcast)
Here, There And Everywhere
Real Love (Piano Demo) - John Lennon (At Home)
Grow Old With Me (Piano Demo) - John Lennon (At Home)
Rode All Night (excerpt) - Paul McCartney
Giddy (Rode All Night) - Roger Daltrey
Everything Changes - Julian Lennon
A Hard Day's Night (Anthology 1)
Ask Me Why

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