Monday, January 19, 2009

PODCAST #35: 10/11/08

Show #728

PANEL: Graeme Dickenson, Gary Lally, Greg Armstrong


Please Please Me (Stereo LP)
The Word (US Stereo Rubber Soul)
This Boy (Past Masters Vol. 1)
Run For Your Life (Take 5)
Two Magpies - The Fireman (Electric Arguments)
Sing The Changes - The Fireman (Electric Arguments)
Yomp - thenewno2 (You Are Here)
Not Alone Anymore (2007 Remix) - Traveling Wilburys
Beatles Studio Chat (All Together Now DVD)
Shelter In Your Love - George Harrison with Alvin Lee
Band On The Run (Guitar Hero Multi-Track Extraction) - Wings
Yes It Is (Past Masters Vol. 1)
The Night Before (BBC)
Dance 'Til We're High - The Fireman (Electric Arguments)
Day Tripper (Past Masters Vol. 2)
Help! (Hodge Podge 3)
How Do You Sleep - Rehearsal 2 (Imagine All The Outtakes) - John Lennon

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