Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PODCAST #34: 03/11/08

Show #727

PANEL: Gary Lally, Gavin Myers, David White

I Need You (Alternate Help)
P.S. I Love You
Travelling Light - The Fireman
Fireman Discussion
What is going on with Apple?
Beatles Guitar Hero
Birthday (live) - Paul McCartney
More Fireman Discussion
Highway - The Fireman
I Am The Walrus (Live Electric Proms 2008) - Oasis
Phil Spector Couldn't Give A Shit!
The Long And Winding Road
Blue Jay Way
Sunny Heights
Long And Winding Road Conjecture!
Pretty Nurse Selling Poppies From A Tray
Penny Lane (Turn Me On Dead Man)
MAYBE WE'RE AMAZED: Maybe I'm Amazed (Live Wembley 1990)
Excerpts from Two Virgins, Life With The Lions and Wedding Album
WONSAPONATIME: How Do You Sleep - John Lennon
WONSAPONATIME: Hold On - John Lennon
George Martin Interview (All Together Now DVD)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Orchestral Overdub from All Together Now DVD)
No Reply (End Credits, All Together Now DVD)
David Stratton on Sgt. Pepper
BEATLES GUEST GUITARISTS: No More Lonely Nights - Paul McCartney
I'm A Loser (Take 2, Purple Chick "Beatles For Sale" Deluxe)

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