Thursday, May 24, 2012

PODCAST # 218 : 14 May 2012

Show # 911

PANEL : Graeme Dickenson , Greg Armstrong , Ross Hobbs

Show Notes

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heavycollector said...

I recently discovered the blog here. I thought happy in a lot of valuable files.
Unfortunately, many links of the past are dead.
Can you re-up all the files?

Studio2AbbeyRd said...

Could you please find another downloading host for the show. Filefactory constantly insists all free downloads slots are use.
Love the show by the way.

Kev said...

I've been putting up a backup link on the 'new' shows , for when Filefactory is 'down'. Does that help ?
We're still looking into what to do with all the shows . Don't want to re-upload / re-link (for the third time) and potentially lose them all again (hello Filesonic).
If there are any particular shows requested I will re-upload them.

Studio2AbbeyRd said...

Thanks Kev. I've been using mediafire for a couple of years, probably the best one about at the moment. (until the FBI shine there light upon it). Thanks for the re-upps, thats another 6 hours of Beatling. Keep up the great shows.