Thursday, March 31, 2011

PODCAST # 158 : 21/3/11

Show # 851

PANEL : Greg Armstrong , Gavin Myers , Alfred Daniel


Studio2AbbeyRd said...

Highlights of this weeks show. A goodbye to Dick Lean, a review of the Unforgettable legendary Paul Mc Christmas gift from 1965, Steve Martin explaining what he had to go through to get Paul Mc on his new blue grass record, Things we did today looks at
The Beatles and Pink Floyd in the same building on the same day, 21st February 1967 and the introduction of the new quiz ''The Unknown Segment''. An excellent bubbling show this week with the G's in good form.

Studio2AbbeyRd said...

During the part of the show where the G's were discussing Pink Floyd it was noted that in one mix of Dark Side of the moon, if you crank up the volume of the closing track of the album, eclipse, in the final heart beats you can here an orchestral version of ticket to ride, it's true, completely nuts, but true.