Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PODCAST #49: 16/2/09

Show #733

PANEL: Graeme Dickenson, Gary Lally, Gav "Kev" Myers


Long Long Long
Here Comes The Sun
I Need You
I Saw Her Standing There (Live at the Grammys) - Paul McCartney w/Dave Grohl
Baby You're A Rich Man
Got To Get You Into My Life (excerpt) - Split Enz
Penny Lane - Jason Falkner
Used To Be Bad - Paul McCartney
From Me To You (Ed Sullivan Show, Feb 16, 1964)
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Essential Beatles)
Yes It Is
Instrumental (Wildcat)
There's A Place (Take 11, Unsurpassed Masters)
Oh! Darling (Alternate Vocal, Alternate Abbey Road)
I Need You - The Who

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Tammy said...

Podcast #49

Ahhh yes, Jason Falkner perfection!! .. and if anyone ever has any fans send them some seeds that 'Come up illegal like' may i recommend Jason's two Beatle cover cd's to settle back, relax your mind and float down stream .. or North Wollongong creek.

'Used to be bad'!!?? even in my most rancid munted moments i could never play that aeolian miasmic piece of rancid filth .. Bluuuurch!!

That song and three others dragged Flaming pie down to almost into my bottom five albums, rancid, fedid TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!