Saturday, October 25, 2008

PODCAST #31: 13/10/08

Show #724

PANEL: Graeme Dickenson, Gary Lally, Gavin Myers

I assume everyone's okay with the m4a podcast, so we'll carry on in this format with chapters and changing photos for everyone with iPods.....a great show tonight.


Julia (Take 22, Anthology 3)
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (RM5)
Martha My Dear
Sing For Changes - The Fireman
Heart Of The Country - Paul & Linda McCartney
I'll Be Back
Cranky Ringo's Video Update
I'm The Greatest - Ringo Starr
Don't Be Cruel - Ringo Starr
Jann Wenner on "Enough Rope"
Look At Me - John Lennon
Fool On The Hill
I Lie Around - Wings
Well Darling (Wildkat)
Georgie Girl - The Seekers
Penny Lane
Somethin' Stupid - Frank & Nancy Sinatra
For You Blue (Let It Be Naked)
Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite

Segments include On This Day, Number One Number One (hence the Seekers track!!!), Dicko revives a Classic Boot that's laid dormant for 5 years, and Gav explores the links between Led Zeppelin and the Beatles. Ringo cops a fair slappin' for his insane online ramblings. And that new Fireman track is actually pretty good...just one folks' opinion...but I think So Bad is amazing so who am I to judge????

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Tammy said...


Thanks for posting these and keeping them updated, Miss Tammy has been suffering a major prolapse and has had to hit the hay early the last few weeks and i havent been able to listen in live, 'I'm warning you with peace and love, please dont miss posting any shows .. NOTHink'

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