Monday, May 5, 2008

PODCAST #7: 28/4/08 - HAPPY 700th BIRTHDAY!

Show # 700

PANEL: Graeme Dickenson, Gary Lally, Greg Armstrong, David White, Gav Myers


It Won't Be Long
Baby It's You (Live At The BBC)
Let It Be
First LIBB Introduction, 1992
Free As A Bird
Real Love
Sono il Walrus - Alfred Daniel
Ticket To Ride
Young Boy - Paul McCartney
Thank You Girl (Turn Me On Dead Man)
LIBB Interview with David Glide (Sounds Incorporated)
LIBB Interview with George Harrison 1997
Let It Be -David White
Something - Ted Hamilton
All My Loving
Good Night Let It Be Beatles - Charlie Kneale

Let It Be Beatles turns 700. If you've only just discovered LIBB through the blog, this here podcast is a great abridged history of the show from its nascent beginning as a segment on Melbourne radio station 3WRB in 1992 (a snippet of which you can hear on this podcast) up to today, with many funny stories and highlights including an exclusive interview with George Harrison by former LIBB panel member Andrew Probyn.

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